About DATES:
 - Winter Fair will start on dezember 01, 2012.
 - The time will be set through Vanity Fair Group.
 - The LM will open on 26, november  for designers.
 -  The event ends dezember 15, 2012.

 Exclusive Items
- Remember that all products have to be related to winter and that subject.
- Each designer will have to make:
* Small store - 1 item or more
* Large store - 2 items or more

- Only ONE Gift/Dollarbie item per booth is allowed. You may have several items in the one box, including landmarks. The Gift may only be sold for Free (L$0) or for L$1

 About PRIMS
- The Store´s prims will be available  according what you will rent. We have 2 (two) types.

small one 50 prim.>> 1200L

Big one 120 prim.>> 3000L

Each designer must carefully observe the amount of prim available for your store. Remember that you can use to put their prim vendors and decorate your shop INTERNALLY. * IMPORTANT: The decoration should be just inside the store. Prims outside the inner space of the store, will be returned without notice.

- will NOT be allowed to use any script. Any questions, please contact the Fair Staff.

-Decoration rules are subject to change.
-All decoration prims must be set to ‘phantom’. If you cannot set to phantom because they are no mod, you cannot use them in your booth.
- Don't use sculpties excessively.

About advertising
-You must also announce your new releases at Winter Fair before and during the event to your in world store groups and other promotion groups you may be part of, the more you spread the word the better for the event
We will have a group of bloggers to help advertising too.
-We asked to put their logo Winter Fair on their blogs.
Place the Official Blog on your blogroll Winter Fair

Cindy Oysternatz
PrincesaCindy Bravitz

Any questions, feel free to contact us.